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Velocitron also helps creators worldwide see their ideas brought to life in ultra-high quality Japanese vinyl!

A Short Overview of Vinyl Production in Japan

Vinyl figure production in Japan is generally done by independent specialists who are dedicated to creating the best figures possible. Velocitron works with Maruyama Gangu, who have years of experience producing figures in Japan, to ensure that projects are carried out to the highest standards of execution. Maruyama Gangu has connections with the best prototypers, mold makers, factories and painters in the country, ensuring that your project is in good hands from start to finish. Vinyl figures produced in Japan have the best vinyl quality in the world and also gives creators unprecedented freedom in terms of order size, color variety and time frame. Orders limits for individual runs of figures can stretch even into the single digits for certain “stock” colors of vinyl and specialized effects like custom colors, marbled vinyl, flocking and effects like specialty glitter or pearl powder are possible. Compared to vinyl produced in other countries the clear is clearer, the GID glows brighter, and the vinyl has a beautiful glossy finish unable to be reproduced with other production methods.

Production Process

Generally the first step in figure production is to create a wax prototype. This can be created from scratch based on a sketch or diagram or can be molded from a pre-existing prototype. The wax prototype will include all joints and necessary molding elements (like pour spouts) and once finished and approved will be used to make the molds for the figure. Molds are made using a lost wax process, wherein the brass molds are electroplated over the wax prototype, which is then melted and poured out. After that, vinyl test shots are produced and once the test shots have been approved final figures can be cast. Paint masks (stencils used to quickly paint details on figures) can also be made if necessary and the complete figures can be shipped to you blank for painting or pre-painted and even packaged, if necessary.

If you have any questions or would like more information about having a figure produced please send an e-mail to unicorn.kikanjyu@gmail.com and I will be able to give you more detailed information about getting your project started.