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Since its inception in 2008 Velocitron has been devoted to bringing the world top of the line hand-produced vinyl figures mixed with bottom of the barrel Z-grade culture. Post apocalyptic movies, vintage horror comics, and bootleg toys dug from the bottom shelf at your local discount shop come together in a cacophonous amalgamation of glowing vinyl and neon paint.

Starting with Bechigon, Egg of the Apocalypse, carrying on with Larvagon, Larva of Vengeance and now with the introduction of the terrifying Ghouls; the Velocitron line chronicles the future history of the Earth. With human civilization ravaged by psychic warfare, terrors from the stars clash with shadows from mankind’s darkest fears in the rubble of what was once our world. But still, the remnants of humanity continue to rage against the dying of the light and many still vow that they will not allow the world to die a quiet death.

Even though the Earth may be finished, the world of Velocitron has only just begun and the future promises to bring even more squamous terrors from the void!

Velocitron is also committed to bringing some of the greatest unrecognized monsters and creatures from other media into vinyl. Don’t be surprised if there are announcements of licensed figures in the not-too-distant future…