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From the Velocitron Mailing List. Shoot me a mail to join!

NEW STUDIO: I’ve teamed up with Luke from Lulubell and we are working on creating the best vinyl figure creation studio in Japan! Located in the heart of Koenji, BLOOD FORT OMEGA is going to be the launching pad for a ton of great new figures coming up. We just moved in last month and are adding new equipment and supplies every week but this means that now you’ll be seeing more figures, bigger sculpts and more complex paint applications that were too tough to pull off in a cramped kitchen! And speaking of which….

NEW FIGURE: Next Sunday (July 25) is WonderFest in Tokyo! Velocitron will, of course, be there and sharing a booth with the mighty Ilanena! And if everything goes according to plan Velocitron will be unveiling a completely new sculpt! The vinyl should be up by the end of August and I’m currently working with some friends to give you a special behind-the-scenes look at the figure creation process! All I will say now, though, is that this is by far the biggest Velocitron figure ever!

NEW WEBSITE: The new Velocitron site is very, very close to going online! It should be up by the end of this week and I will announce the address both here and via Twitter!

NEW RELEASES: I have stock of figures left from this month’s SuperFest that will be popping up soon on the new Velocitron site, there will be NEW releases for WonderFest next week and I am also very pleased to announce that Lulubell will be bringing unpainted GID vinyl Velocitron pieces to SDCC as well! These will be ultra-budget priced and will be perfect for collectors of naked vinyl or for you to customize! I can confirm now that there will be Ghouls, Larvagons and Larvagon keychains. We may have some Bechigons, too!

Posted by admin on Saturday, July 17th, 2010

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